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"I just had a baby and breastfeeding.  I'm not losing a strand of hair thanks to my stylist.. my hair is healthy, shiny and beautiful"

My hair is healthy and growing like crazy!  Stylist, Ray, commented that the style he cut four weeks ago had grown out and that hair usually grows at a slower rate as we age, but that doesn't seem to be the case with me!  I attribute my healthy mane to him.  I see him regularly as he conditions and cares for my hair with regular trims and or cuts.. He's a creative and talented stylist who's love to style your hair.  Give him a call at ... 630-809-2574



I started going to Ms. Tamela to do my hair shortly after my big chop.  She is the reason that I am able to embrace my natural hair and properly take care of it in-between appointments.  My hair is stronger, longer and the healthiest it has even been in my life because of her.  I am truly grateful for her and will continue to be a lifelong client of hers.


Tyra Barlow

My hair is healthy and growing like crazy! Stylist, Ray, commented that the style he cut four weeks ago had grown out and that hair usually grows at a slower rate as we age, but that doesn't seem to be the case with me!  I attribute my healthy mane to him.  I see him regularly as he conditions and cares for my hair with regular trims and/or cuts.  He's a creative and talented stylist who'd love to style your hair.  Give him a call at 630-809-2574.




It's all because of you. Networking, Marketing, your business in American Sales.  I kept your business card until God said "it's time... ".


You are truly a master with your talent & heaven sent!  Words can not express how thankful I am for you & your talented son, Ray. 


Because of you both, I'm headed in a better direction to healthy scalp and hair.  Your wealth of hair knowledge and encouragement has given me hope.  May the heads you touch bring self confidence and uplifting spirits to ALL.


I am more than pleased with my hair & service!  Thanks so much for putting this smile on my face & heart.

God Bless you.


Sherri McCormack

"Every time I get my hair done by Ms. Tamela, it looks healthier and stronger.  It goes from being dry and brittle, to having a lot of sheen and bounce.  I love the way my hair feels after her recommended treatments."



Tamela's hands are blessed!  Every time I leave her chair - my hair feels soft, my scalp feels amazing and I'm equipped with every product that I need to make my hair flourish!  She is very knowledgeable about healthy hair techniques and products and I love her natural approach.  I am a certified long term customer!



I have been going to Tamela for my hair treatments for over a year. She is always professional, has great products and her treatments/hair advice have grown my hair over this past year.  It is stronger, thicker and healthier than it has been in years.  And Raymond does a beautiful and creative job with my hair, always providing me with a style that is complimentary to my face and easy to maintain. They make a great team! 
Roberta C. Frierson 
Vice President, Information Technology 
Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Inc. 
Tamela started taking care of my locks 3 months after I started. Every since my hair has grown down to my shoulders and it looks so healthy and shiney
This is part due the quality of the all natural products she uses.
Everyone I know compliments my locks and questions how do I keep them so well maintained.
Having Tamela as a lock technician is wonderful and  she is amazing and affordable.
I would recommend her for all styles of hair, she is diverse and can style all types of hair from natural to chemically treated.
She has shown herself to be very professional in every aspect, and treats customers with a sincere demeanor.
This is just as important as all the above mentioned attributes. 
I am honored to give my testimony for this awesome stylist.
Delores Moore?


I really did enjoy your class on October 3, 2011. It was well planned and organized. I loved being a model and Raymond did a fantastic job!!
 I thought that the class was very informative. Lunch was great also. The next time that you need a model, keep me in mind !




When I first came to see Tamela back in 2013, my hair was short and very thin. Thin is not the word for my hair in the back then....it was completely gone.  The first thing Tamela did was to cut off all of the dead hair and start nourishing the little healthy hair that I had left.  I learned that I came to see her just in time as my hair was being damaged due to too tight braids and sew-ins. Now my hair is thicker and healthier than ever.  I even use her sew-ins to grow and protect my hair instead of damaging it.  Thanks to Tamela my hair is healthy and strong and I get so many compliments and questions like "Who does your hair?"





Ms. Tamela is the most honest and patient hairstylist that I know. If I want a

hairstyle that would not work for me, she would tactfully recommend something
better that would become me. Her creativity goes beyond measure; I may give her
a picture of a desired style, and she makes it come alive, making it look even better
than the original! Ms. Tamela’s combination of vision and skill makes her an
excellent and stellar aesthetician. On the first visit with her you will come as a
guest and leave has a happy client.


Every time I attend Miss Tamela’s hair salon, I leave there with nothing but satisfaction. She not
only styles your hair according to your preference, but she also provides advice in regards to how
to keep your hair healthy. Ever since I first became her client, my hair has grown and has
remained healthy. Everywhere I go, whether it is work or church, I receive compliments on my
hair after I see Miss Tamela. Beyond being an excellent hair stylist, she is a wonderful listener.
She patiently takes the time to listen your concerns and offers advice. With each visit, she makes
each client feel right at home.
Idly grocery shopping one day, I was approached by a woman that I did not know who introduced herself as Tamela, a hairdresser specializing in natural hair care.  She felt my hair and proceeded to tell me that she could treat my hair and make it healthy again.
Taken aback and unsure of how to react to this woman that I had never ever seen before, I listened to her spiel.  Since she seemed sincere, knowledgeable, nonabrasive or unbalanced and stress had taken a toll on my hair, I took her contact information and called a few days later. 

After my first consultation with her, a simple honesty resonated from Tamela and I felt that she was both knowledgeable and passionate about her craft and could indeed help.   She delivered on all of her promises, plus more. 
I was unsurprised to learn, from the many conversations with Tamela, that her work is so highly recognized and respected.  The nature of her spirit, the knowledge of her training and the passion with which she executes in her craft,  all embody a woman with a "gift" and is one of the best in her profession.  

It has been 5-6 years since I was approached by that strange woman in that store.  To date, I remain a client and honored that Tamela is one of my very close friends.  As a result, my hair is healthier, longer and thicker.  It has, once again, become my "crown jewel", thanks to Tamela.




I met Tamela for the first time on a sunny summer day last year while we both admiring beautiful
hydrangeas at a nursery. Though I had been contemplating a change in hairstylist for a while, I never
imagined I would meet one this way. I pursued the opportunity that our chance meeting presented and
made an appointment a week later. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Tamela exemplifies what one should expect from one’s hairstylist and a lot more. Prior to utilizing her
services, I experienced pain from relaxers, pain from ineffective blow drying techniques, hair loss, and
related problems that did not make getting my hair done the wonderful experience it should have been.
Now I look forward to my hair appointments with Tamela. I have observed not only an impressive
change in all aspects of my hair, it has grown and it is healthy and happy. Three of my family members
are now customers of Tamela. In giving testimony to Tamela’s varied gifts, I use the acronym
NIRVANA which means “bliss” to describe the benefits I have derived from Tamela’s services and the joy her clients
and I have experienced:
Notifies clients of what products she uses and the benefits to their hair
Increases hair growth
Relies on ongoing education courses to better understand hair and meet each client’s unique needs
Varies her styling techniques to be in sync with the latest fashions
Aims for healthy hair first and foremost
Naturally outgoing, vivacious, and conversational personality
Adapts her schedule and accommodates her clients’ unique circumstances.
I encourage those who are seeking the joy of healthy and beautifully coiffed
hair to give Tamela a call. You will be amazed.
Ray does an amazing job with my daughter and my hair.  He's so gifted when it comes to his creative styles for her and I.  As well as he maintains growth and health of the hair.
- Naomi Barnes

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